Vulcanair's A-Viator Turboprop Earns FAA Certification

28 July 2015

Vulcanair's A-Viator Turboprop Earns FAA Certification

Vulcanair’s A-Viator twin-engine turboprop received FAA certification this week, while the Italian company’s light single-engine model is nearing its European approval. The A-Viator received its FAA certificate about eight months after its European certification came through. Deliveries will begin as soon as possible, according to Vulcanair’s U.S. dealer, Americana Aviation of Miami. Derived from the six-seat P68 series, the non-pressurized A-Viator can seat up to 11 and can be configured for commuting and special operations such as photography and surveillance. It is powered with two Rolls Royce 328-horsepower engines and will sell for just under .5 million.

Americana’s main target markets for the twin will be Part 135 operators and a demonstration model is on its way, CEO Christopher Benaiges said. “We feel it’s going to fill a definite niche market that’s not being covered at the moment,” he said. Meanwhile, the V1.0 – a high-wing designed to be a lower-priced option versus Cessna’s 172 – is expected to receive its EASA certification this year, followed by FAA approval several months afterward, Vulcanair CEO Remo De Feo said.

 By Elaine Kauh

Published in Avweb on July 23, 2015