Vulcan Air promotes P.68 and V1.0 at FIDAE 2016

13 April 2016

Vulcan Air promotes P.68 and V1.0 at FIDAE 2016

Italian aircraft manufacturer, Vulcan Air, showcased at FIDAE 2016 two products: twin engine P.68 Observer and single engine V1.0. The presence of Vulcan Air at Chile is not a random choice: the Chilean Navy will receive seven P.68 in 2016/2017. A company on a different market with aircrafts already sold in the region.

Vulcan Air is an Italian based company that bought all assets from extinct Partenavia in 1996. The late one developed the P.68, a twin engine, high wing aircraft for six passengers that is being built now to fulfill a variety of missions.

The P.68 will land in Chile with its Navy colors, after a recent contract made in September, 2015, for seven Observer 2 aircrafts. These will be used on search and rescue, maritime patrol, reconnaissance and surveillance, transport and medical evacuation missions.

The aircraft has a long range and thanks to the two engines it is capable of flying long time over water. The frontal design has a very wide window, allowing patrol, reconnaissance and surveillance missions to be completed easily.

But this is not the only product of Vulcan Air at FIDAE; its new aircraft, the V.10, was also there. The company started production of this model on April, 2015, and is looking forward to build 10 aircrafts this year.

The V1.0 is the first single engine aircraft on the company and can accommodate four passengers. Its high wing design is made from a welded steel tubes arranged in an articulate reticular fashion coupled with a riveted aluminum wing, tail cone and empennage section. This configuration allows a stronger cockpit, while maintaining low weight.

This player on the small aircrafts market has already set foot on the terrain thanks to the recent Chilean contract, and the V1.0 is now entering to compete against similar aircrafts of more tradition.

by Javier Franco “TOPPER”

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