V1: Meet the new certified single-engine aircraft by Vulcanair.

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Design Features and Information 

Like birds, the V1 is a high wing aircraft. The new model year features standard compass openable windows to further augment its comfort. The V1 is powered by the 180 hp Lycoming IO-360-M1A that is capable of running with AvGas or alternative fuels. To satisfy the owner's profile, the aircraft is offered with a constant pitch propeller, or as an option with a fixed pitch propeller.  

The aircraft cabin is extremely functional with four seats and three doors and a luggage capacity of 40 kg (88lb) in a separate and dedicated compartment. 
The aircraft cockpit has been designed to keep all the commands and switches and circuit breakers in an ergonomic position for the pilot and its shape has been designed to minimize parallax errors. 

The standard avionics package of choice features a state-of-the art IFR cockpit featuring a Garmin G500 Txi, coupled with a GTN650 unit.  
Finally the V1 is a utility category aircraft which further expands the V1's ambitions. 

Vulcanair has been listening to customer feedback and the new V1 is even more flexible and adaptable for training with a myriad of new features and options to adapt it for the needs of different flight schools operational profiles.  

Max cruise speed
128 kts
Max range
530 NM - 981 km
3 + Pilot


Engine: Lycoming IO-360-M1A rated 180 Hp at 2700 rpm    
Max Take-Off Weight 1155 kg 2546 lb
Typically Equipped Empty Weight 763 kg 1682 lb
Maximum Useful Load 392 kg 864 lb
Usable Fuel Capacity 190 lt 50 gal
Maximum Seating Capacity 4 4
Max Luggage Weight 40 kg 88 lb
Cruise speed @75%, ISA, 6000 ft, MTOW 237 km/h 128 ktas
Range - 3 persons of 77 kg, 45-min reserve,
60% power, 10,000 ft
1065 km 575 nm
Rate of climb at MTOW, ISA conditions, at Sea Level 222 m/min 730 ft/min
Service Ceiling 4500 m 14700 ft
Take-Off Distance to clear 50 ft, MTOW, ISA 427 m 1400 ft
Landing distance over 50ft obstacle, MLM, ISA, full flap 427 m 1400 ft
Fixed pitch propeller option available    
Alternative Fuels, Mogas (EN 228)    

Wing Span

10.00 m
32 ft 10 in

Overall Length

7.23 m
23 ft 9 in

Overall Height

2.77 m
9 ft 1 in

Built tough, the V1 favors durable metal versus expendable plastic materials.
The V1 is in line with Vulcanair’s design philosophy: the quest for durability, safety and exceptional value. In launching a single-engine piston aircraft Vulcanair leverages its long experience in designing and Manufacturing complex certified multi-engine aircraft to supply an exceptionally priced single-engine aircraft to allow more pilots to become members of the Vulcanair Aircraft family.

Excellent aircraft performance, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, modern avionics and exceptional value in terms of acquisition costs make the V1 a serious alternative in today’s piston single engine aircraft arena. The V1 fuselage is composed by a forward section consisting in an open truss structure made of high-strength steel tubing welded into a series of triangular shapes providing strength and rigidity to the fuselage. The steel tubing is covered with riveted skin while the rear section consists in a semi monocoque construction made of frames and four main stringers with riveted skin. The wing is formed by two strutted half-wings, made of all metal stressed-skin, full cantilever with metallic leading edges and composite wing tips. The V1 empennages are all metal stressed-skin, full cantilever consisting of vertical fin, rudder and stabilator.

* It is the responsibility of the pilot to conduct all operations in accordance with the approved Pilot’s Operating Handbook, which is the only official source of data.