Special Mission P.68 Observer


Derived from the successful Partenavia P.68 Series, the Vulcanair P.68 Observer Series is a six seater, twin engine, high wing, fixed landing  gear airplane for observation, light transport and air taxi.

The main characteristic of the aircraft is its excellent helicopter-like visibility, obtained by manufacturing the whole front fuselage in plexiglas. This feature enables it to perform patrol and observation roles with high performance and operating costs much lower than those of a helicopter.

Extreme structural simplicity, absence of complicated systems, ruggedness, accessibility to servicing points reduce maintenance costs and put the Observer in a position of outstanding advantage with respect to helicopters whenever vertical take-off and landing in the operative area is not necessary.

P68 Observer Series aircraft features several outstanding advantages over its competitors thanks to its clever design and construction simplicity:
Among others we note:

  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent performance
  • Ease of operation in terms of flying characteristics resulting in low training/transition time for pilots.
  • Low Direct Operating Costs
  • High durability and repairability in time thanks to its corrosion proof aluminium construction

Moreover, with its helicopter-like visibility, thanks to the high wing configuration and other important features like the floor hatch that permit the quick installation of a variety of equipment and to perform special operations as the dropping of survival goods the Observer results in a unique machine ready to be adapted to every kind of mission, from patrol, observation, surveillance and emergency, to simply passenger or freight transport duties.



Cockpit Area
Passenger Cabin
Pax Configuaration
Cargo Compartment
Length 1.451m 4.760 ft
Width 1.160m 3.806 ft
1.150m 3.773 ft
Length 1.780m 5.840 ft
Width 1.160m 3.806 ft
1.150m 3.937 ft 
2.374m3 83.83 cu. Ft
Length 0.816m2.677 ft
Width 1.010m3.300 ft
1.000m3.281 ft
0.824m328.98 cu. ft
Length 2.596m8.507 ft
Width 1.100m3.609 ft
1.120m3.674 ft
3.198m3112.9 cu. ft

An interior configuration with accommodation for 1 pilot and 5 passengers is proposed. Other features of the cabin are the large number of windows, ensuring that passengers have excellent visibility, plus the large amount of baggage space available in the aft baggage compartment or, in the whole cabin through the quick removal of the seats.

Special Missions

Maritime Patrol :

  • Airborne Surveillance
  • Search And Rescue (SAR)
  • PatrollinImmigration Control
  • Pollution Control
  • Airborne Protection
  • Water Pollution Control
  • Flying Control Centre

Airborne Video Surveillance System

Allows remote real-time transmission of pictures.
The camera is installed in the camera hatch, and is electrically controlled by an operator. Images are simultaneously transmitted to the on-board monitor and, via a microwave link or satellite, to the ground station or can be stored on a video recorder.
The system is very suitable for surveillance, patrol and reconnaissance tasks or whenever it is necessary to have a complete view of ground anomalies, to ascertain the damage after natural calamities or during dangerous situations to be controlled.
The assets can be deployed and retracted allowing covert operations.

Aero Photogrammetric Hatch

A 63×46 cm hatch is provided in the fuselage bottom and is designed for the installation of the most updated
photogrammetric cameras.
The hatch is located in the centre right of the fuselage and can be used for Digital Mapping Cameras like, Leica, Microsoft etc. , or for L-3 Wescam and FLIR or Laser Scanners and Lidar such as Riegl etc.
The hatch can also be used during SAR missions to drop emergency equipment for rescue missions.

Auxiliary Equipments

The P.68 Observer 2 can be fitted with two 14″ under wing standard NATO pylons able to hold up to 200 Lbs (90.7 Kg.) each

* It is the responsibility of the pilot to conduct all operations in accordance with the approved Pilot’s Operating Handbook, which is the only official source of data.


The P68 Series is a proven, effective tool for manyhomeland security applications: Helicopter-like visibility through the plexiglas cockpit Twin engine redundancy for SAFE low altitude flying Standard provision for camera hatch Low operating costs


The P68 Observer operating costs are approximately 1/5 of a single turbine helicopter. The speed of the P68 Observer is 25% higher relative to an helicopter allowing a faster coverage of the search area. Fuel consumption = 60 Litres /16.6 USG /Hour @ 55% power. Thanks to uncomplicated systems and the general sturdiness of the aircraft the aircraft requires less than 0.35 hours of maintenance per flight hour. The maximum range of the aircraft is of 10 hours without refuelling. Extra safety is insured by the twin engine configuration insuring the safe return of the crew from any mission including night missions, over water missions and low flying missions.


Easy Take Off & Landing on Unprepared Strips. The Vulcanair P68 Observer Series has been designed to fulfil missions previously only possible with an helicopter and can take-off and land in extremely rough and short runways without problems.