A-Viator Overview

The A-VIATOR is the simple, safe,  yet not obvious answer to a large number of operators. Up till now operators did not have any alternative than spending fortunes in very old gas guzzling twin engine antiquated aircraft or having to revert to less safe single engine turboprop aircraft. The A-VIATOR is an economical non pressurized  twin engine turboprop answering to a multiple array of needs from private/charter operations to advanced airborne surveillance and aerial work missions. The A-VIATOR  design is derived from the smaller P68 Series and its legendary flight qualities have been maintained.

The fuselage has been stretched to allow more space on board and 2 turbine powerplants replace the piston engines allowing the aircraft to operate in areas where AvGas is not readily available. The retractable landing gear improves the already excellent speed characteristics, and the stretched fuselage allows a more efficient use of cabin space, resulting in a maximum seating capacity of 9 passengers and 2 pilots.

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